Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ceding land is not safe, says Soccer Dad

Here, Soccer Dad quotes Michael Goldfarb: “The land for peace paradigm is dead. It didn't work. The Israelis gave up southern Lebanon and got a war with Hezbollah. They gave up Gaza and they now have a hot war in the south with rockets hitting Sderot daily. There is no chance that the Israelis give up the West Bank only to see the same thing happen, especially given the West Bank's proximity to the economic heart of Israel. Which only further contributes to the paralysis--the old paradigm is dead, but nothing has yet developed to take its place. Even the country's peaceniks are horrified by the turn of events in Gaza--they are no longer pushing for a similar withdrawal from the West Bank.”

Soccer Dad’s take: “If Israel thought that ceding land was safe there'd be peace. No amount of American involvement though, is going to move the peace process forward unless there's a significant change of heart from the Palestinians.”


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